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San Francisco is an area that is cold and breezy most of the year. This is due to the cold air current being driven into the city from the Pacific Ocean and bay. Yet, during the summer, the weather can be quite humid. The particular region that the city lies in creates a perfect environment for mold and mildew to occur. Mold is a variety of fungi strains that can grow indoors and outdoors.

Booming tech and finance sectors in San Francisco attracts many people to the city for work and residence, contributing to an already high population density. Due to its large population, new and old homes tend to be quite minimal, in terms of square footage, and are usually attached side by side. This leads to poor circulation which can trap airborne contaminants and provide a place for mold to thrive. In addition, most homes in the city are quite old, which are more susceptible to mold contamination. Especially when homes are attached to each other, mold can spread from one home to the next relatively easy. New construction developments are common in San Francisco. These buildings provide better insulation systems against the city’s cold weather. However, newer homes and buildings are typically constructed much more airtight, leading to less circulation that can trap mold spores.

When mold growth is not promptly resolved, it can cause serious damage to a property. Often, areas where mold has begun to spread become so contaminated that it has to be removed, which is known as mold remediation. The city’s weather and environment is a place that gives easy access for mold growth. Aside from damages to the property, living in a condition where there is serious mold contamination can cause health problems. These health problems can include eye and skin irritation, wheezing, and stuffy nose. Sometimes serious allergic reactions can occur and cause lung infections. It is important to prevent mold contamination by having a mold inspection regularly. With an inspection, areas of likely mold growth and the type of mold present can be revealed. Bio Judge Mold Inspection is a trusted, certified mold inspection and testing service in the Bay Area of California. Our service provides a full, detailed report of any mold that may be found for residential and commercial properties. For more information, contact one of our experts at 415-801-4082.

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