Company Description

Bio Judge Mold Inspection performs industry standard protocols that aim at detecting airborne contaminants, testing for questionable fungal growth, and inspecting properties for structural deficiencies. Our vision is to be the most reliable property inspection company throughout the area starting at the initial customer contact, throughout the execution of on-site procedures, and to the final delivery of results which includes a consultation of report details. Whether it is precautionary inspections or post-remediation testing, the services our clients receive are of the highest quality in the indoor environmental industry.

We endeavor to educate and relay proactive methods that will empower each client to experience healthy living and working conditions. With an amazing growth in our business, we strive to maintain our leadership in the industry with the amazing network of industry affiliates, partnered companies, and our remarkable staff members. We are committed to addressing your property concerns in a professional, prompt, and accurate approach.

Summary of Services

We are all exposed to mold spores in our daily environments, yet it is when the spore count reaches elevated levels that the risks of inhalation can negatively affect our health. Here at Bio Judge Mold Inspection we provide the visual assessment and testing services that will determine the type of mold you may be or have been exposed to and its toxicity level. With over 1,000 types of mold species it comes to no surprise that possible growth can be overwhelming, but with the aid of our expert technicians this inspection process will come with ease.

The services we provide include the following:

  • Visual assessment of your property for possible mold growth
  • Moisture testing and leak detection of unseen areas
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality testing for comparable results
  • Clearance testing (post-remediation testing) to deem an area clean
  • Infrared thermal imaging inspection to detect heat variations

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